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Library, Resources / Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Post-Event Resources

You will find PRE-Event Resources here…

…and this link takes you to the Mural Archive, the result of the collaborative activities before, during, and after the workshop.

Crash course on Information Theory

2:08:39 Uwe Ehret (KIT) | Notes | Slides

Video Recordings of the Introduction and Invited Talks

To follow is a YouTube playlist of 9 videos:

01-Introduction by Uwe Ehret (KIT) & Hoshin Gupta (UofA). Information Theory as a Bridge Across the Geosciences and Modeling Sciences. Slides

and 02-09, Invited Talks

Invited Talks

  • Alexander B. Boyd, Trinity College, Ireland; James P. Crutchfield, UC Davis, USA; Mile Gu Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Felix Binder, Trinity College, Ireland. Thermodynamic Overfitting: Limits on Complexity in Thermodynamic Learning. Abstract | Slides | Video
  • Laura Condon, The University of Arizona, USA. Machine learning and mechanistic modeling in hydrology: successes and ongoing challenges. Abstract | Slides | Video
  • Peter D. Grünwald, CWI, Amsterdam, part of NWO-I, Netherlands and Leiden University, Department of Mathematics, Netherlands. Minimum Description Length, E-Values and Evidence: a brief introduction. Abstract | Slides | Video
  • Alexandra Jurgens, INRIA Bordeaux, France. Epsilon Machines and Randomness, Structure and Complexity: Predicting Complex Systems. Abstract | Slides | Video
  • Holger Metzler, SLU, Sweden. Information theory in ecological system modelling. Abstract | Slides | Video
  • Grey Nearing, Google. Data Based Modeling at Scale. Abstract | Slides | Video
  • Andreas Scheidegger, EAWAG, Switzerland. Probabilities are probably not enough. Abstract | Slides | Video
  • Ravid Shwartz-Ziv, NYU Center for Data Science. Decoding the Information Bottleneck in Self-Supervised Learning: Pathway to Optimal Representations and Semantic Alignment. Abstract | Slides | Video



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