Summer School on Information Theory in the Earth Sciences (3rd-8th June 2019)


Summer School on Information Theory in the Earth Sciences (3rd-8th June 2019) For more information and to register: Information theory provides a powerful conceptual framework for learning, model building, and prediction in the Earth sciences. It extends probability theory in certain important ways that make it particularly applicable to questions related to value and […]

December 13, 2018

Postdoctoral Scholar in Watershed Hydrology/Hydroinformatics


Postdoctoral Scholar in Watershed Hydrology/Hydroinformatics The Environmental Systems Dynamics Laboratory ( at UC Berkeley seeks a postdoctoral scholar with expertise in data science and hydrology. The position is funded jointly through the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Data-Driven Discovery Program and a U.S. Geological Survey Powell Center for Synthesis grant. The position will be focused […]

August 29, 2018

Organizers and Attendees of the 2018 Santander Workshop: “Second Workshop on Information Theory and the Earth Sciences”

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Alexia María, IHCantabria Allison Goodwell, University of Colorado at Denver Anneli Guthke, University of Stuttgart Ben Ruddell, Northern Arizona University Benedikt, ETH Zurich Cristina Prieto, IHCantabria Dino Bellugi, University of California at Berkeley Grey Nearing, University of Alabama Hoshin Gupta, University of Arizona Ilias Pechlivanidis, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute Inmaculada Pulido, Huelva University Jara […]

July 4, 2018

Invitation to submit an abstract to the AGU Fall Meeting session H053 on Information Theory in the Geosciences


AGU Session Title: H053. Better Informed than Uncertain: Applications of Information Theory in the Earth Sciences Information Theory (IT) quantifies the information content, or uncertainty and changes in uncertainty, within any form of structured content, including data relevant to earth systems. IT has a broad and growing applicability within the geosciences in the contexts of […]

July 3, 2018

Library: Ben Ruddell’s 2013 Tutorial on Information Flow Dynamical Process Networks (PDF presentation)

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This PDF presentation provides a conceptual overview of dynamical process networks and information entropy within the context of flux towers and meteorology, and includes summaries of some of the early methods and work on this topic predating the formation of the community. Examples used are executed using the ProcessNetwork software. Studying Dynamical Process Networks with […]

December 4, 2017